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Module Map

Full-Stack Software Developer - 16w

The following lessons explain different concepts of programming and have been published by our members


4 Lessons

During the pre-work you learn some basic CSS and HTML, and hopefully how to use the flex-box to create simple layouts. The first day we will review the pre-work completion and introduce a more evolved CSS that enables amazing layouts and the amazing Bootstrap framework that will make you life so much easier with the "component oriented" approach.

What is HTML? It's time to learn HTML and its structureLearn CSS: What is CSS Meant for?CSS Layouts: Create and Build Layouts with CSSMastering CSS Selectors


1 Lesson

After a few years, developers started to re-use the same styles for most applications because you would always do the same classes (reusability), that is when Bootstrap was published by 2 ex-twitter employees.

HTML Forms

1 Lesson

Now you know exactly how a static website is built, but how do you interact with a user? All interactions start using inputs and forms.

Command Line Challenge

1 Lesson

A text editor and the console - that's all you need to be a great coder. Time to master the second one.


2 Lessons

The CMD Line has millions of tools, it's time to learn the first ones: GIT & Github - together they make collaboration amazing!

Intro to JS

3 Lessons

HTML & CSS are great, but the world needed interactive pages (not just beautiful text documents). JavaScript comes to help us generate HTML & CSS based commands after the initial text document has already loaded. JavaScript will also re-write the website live, based on the user's activity.",

Domain Name Generator

1 Lesson

Arrays are the only way to have a list of things in programming, and they are challenging because developers need to master the art of getting or setting values from arrays using loops


3 Lessons

Ok but how do we use JavaScript to build websites? You have to interact with The DOM to create dynamic HTML/CSS and wait for events to occur.

Unit Testing with Jest

1 Lesson

Quality Assurance is one of the most valued skills in big tech major companies, today we are learning how you can write code that tests your previously written code in an automated way. Welcome to unit testing!

Landing Page with React

3 Lessons

But working with the DOM can get tricky and it's resource consuming, for that and many other reasons libraries like React.js got popular in the last couple of years. The let you create HTML and CSS using JS in a very intuitive way

Component State

1 Lesson

So far you know that React components have properties (props), but there is one more important concept in react components: The State.

Todo List

1 Lesson

Finally we can create our own HTML tags and re-use them on several projects and views. The key to understand a component is understanding Props and The State. Please start working on the Todo-List Application. This project will be useful in your future as a coder!

Todo List with React and Fetch

3 Lessons

Most of the applications build on the internet require some king of database syncronization, normal made through several API requests

Star wars blog reading list

1 Lesson

This project is all about URLs and Routing. Each student must build two views/pages: One List and one Single. For example: List of Space Ships and a view for a single Space Ship. The have to make sure the URL's are propery setup on the reouter and also that the information is fetch on the didmount of the respectiv view. Also, you will be using the Context API for MVC (Store, View, Actions)

Star Wars blog - Live Coding

2 Lessons

It's time for some real live coding! Ask all the questions you have prepared and wrap the last things about the Star Wars blog reading list because we are about to dive into an exiting journey inside the world of backend! :)

Work on SQL exercises

1 Lesson

Database engines are not related particular languages (like Python, PHP or Node) and they run on a different server than the website or application. For that reason and many others databases have their own language: SQL

Building Starwars Data Model

1 Lesson

The backend its all about data, structures and databases. Let's review how to createt a database model.

Intro to Python

5 Lessons

The backend side of the web is all about creating API's for data storing and processing; and integrating with 3rd party API's. The first step of that process is storing the information.

Star Wars blog - Building endpoints

1 Lesson

The back-end side has almost no limitations, you have access to the entire computer, printers or anything you need. Your life as a back-end developer will start by doing API's because it is the most needed skill in the market. We really hope you like it as much as we do!

Authentication JWT

2 Lessons

Almost every application in the world has an authentication system, usually, you choose a username and password and those become your "credentials", you use them every time you want to identify yourself. Tody we learn how to implement an authentication system using Tokens and JWT, one of the most modern standards for token based API Authentication.

User Stories

2 Lessons

Time to start the Final project! Lets review how software is built today, you'll learn and follow the same methods used by the top tech companies in the world