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Coding Mentorships done right

    • Sessions with everyday developers, and experts in the topics you need.
    • Select the time that fits best in your schedule.
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Mentorships are the most effective way to learn

Mentorships has led toward a higher satisfactory, trust, self-efficacy, and achievement of career goals. Mentoring programs should be considered in human resource development in education.

The best schools in the world have failed to replicate what we have achieved

Mentorship 1-1 is the most effective way to learn, but it comes at a very high cost of operation. At 4Geeks you can schedule meetings at the time that best suit you, with the mentor you like the most.

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3 years

Providing mentoships


Mentoring sessions


People could find a Job in tech

Our mentoring methodology in numbers

All this experience helped us to improve our mentorships and find the best way to help students. We even measure our mentorship’s quality through a review system where the students qualify for the mentorship and if the goal was met, it allows us to improve the mentor's performance and provide a better service.

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We focus on having the best mentors take part in the team, and once they are here, we are constantly training them to provide the best mentorships ever.

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