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Learn to code

using AI

using AI

Learn to code collaborating with other people and become a developer to get your first job in tech.

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    Why should I learn with 4Geeks?

    We have 9+ years helping people to learn to code, more than 4000 students graduated, and 84% of our students graduated from our bootcamp got hired!

    Get prepared for your next job

    Improve your CV, portfolio, GitHub profile, and social media profiles.

    Get access to exercises that simulate real-life interviews curated from the companies actively hiring.

    At no additional cost to you and without deducting anything from the salary of the job offer you get.

    Open learning

    Learn about any coding skills

    Mastering Technical Knowledge

    The current traditional teaching methods focus on theoretical aspects, neglecting hands-on experience and student engagement, leading to high dropout rates and slow skill acquisition. Bootcamps and similar platforms offer faster, more interactive learning but lack a scientific approach.

    We propose a holistic framework based on four key metrics to create highly effective learning environments. Our solution leverages cutting-edge tech for cost-effective, scalable education, addressing motivation, efficiency, and accessibility.

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    Memory Retention

    The more time it goes without practice, the less your brain will retain. Our programs include hundreds of interactive exercises and projects!

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    Feedback Quality

    High-quality feedback should be frequent, clear, personalized, and relevant. We've trained our AI model Rigobot, for the last years to give you instant feedback while you learn!

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    Learning Mastery

    Frequent feedback is used to identify areas where you have not yet achieved mastery so that we can help you focus on those areas in further cycles of instruction and practice.

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    Learner motivation can be defined as the degree of willingness, drive, and interest that an individual has to engage in and persist with learning activities. Motivation is increased when learning in community!

    We have many mentors available now!

    You can schedule private mentoring sessions with experts to get help on both career and coding-related advice

    Our mentors are open at any time to guide you on your way. They will help you enhance your learning experience.