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Our Motivation
The 4Geeks Cornerstones

Our Motivation

Coding is the new normal. Everyone is capable to speak code. The path to coding self-sufficiency is highly mentored, live, and together.

Today's traditional teaching methods for achieving mastery and technical proficiency focus mainly on fundamentals and theoretical aspects. Bootcamps and other apps or websites have emerged as possible solutions with more fast-paced, engaging, hands-on, and interactive learning environments. Still, they often lack a scientific approach or framework to optimize learning efficacy.

Everyone is capable to speak code.

Instead of focusing on assessing the student's learning ability, we focus on providing an environment with high learning efficacy. We define environmental learning efficacy as the effectiveness to dramatically increase your odds to eventually achieve technical proficiency.

We propose a framework that incorporates 4 metrics to mathematically score environments with higher learning and time efficacy: Memory Retention, Feedback Quality, Learning Mastery, and Motivation. Our proposed solution leverages cutting-edge technology and minimal human intervention to create a cost-effective approach to education that can be measured in real-time using these 4 metrics.

πŸ“– We are a licensed educational institution by the USA Dept. of Education in Florida.

The 4Geeks Cornerstones

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ The Community

With 15,000+ total members, hundreds of coders log in to every week to join other geeks and improve their coding skills together, join mentorships, workshops, master classes, and take interactive courses.

4Geeks premium members through 4Geeks Academy also have access to the slack channel with 12 hr chat support and experts ready to answer questions.

πŸͺ Opening soon: With a network of open offices around the world, members will soon have access to office space with recurrent workshops, coding weekends, and more activities.

πŸ’» Platform is where developers meet, network, and learn. Currently, in private beta, the platform members can throw coding parties, ask for 1-1 mentorships in one click, join live workshops every week, take live classes a couple of times a week, meet new developers, and more.

πŸ₯‡ Certifications and Courses

We currently offer two types of experiences: Courses and immersive Bootcamps.

a. Courses: A more flexible journey in small courses that take 1 or 2 weeks on average. Decide your own pace but keep all the tools that make 4Geeks learning environment effective: Join any of our courses for free in different technologies like Java, Python, Node, etc. Access to live workshops from industry experts every week (included with subscription). Get access to private 1-1 mentorship as needed (included with subscription). Learn everywhere, all the time, you choose the methodology.

b. Bootcamps: A premium experience focused on people interested in a fast-paced career change, the average course takes 16 weeks. Everything included in courses but without any limitations but with the addition of career support for life!:
- Full Stack Web Developer.
- Software Engineering (for senior software architects).
- Data Science Engineer.
- Machine learning and AI Engineering.
- Cybersecutiry (comming soon).
- Blockchain and Web3 (comming soon).

You can find the full list of our programs here.

πŸ’Ό Career Support (GeekPal)

Our primary focus is to make developers succeed. Our premium members have unlimited Career Support for life.

Find or improve your current job: A network with thousands of hiring partners, resume-building courses, workshops, and 1-1 coaching. Interview preparation and many other essential workforce-oriented features are what make us rank among the best coding institutions in the world.


4Geeks was founded by Marcelo and Alejandro, best friend's since high school. You will fall in love with our hundreds of mentors that work in top tech companies and have many years of experience.


  • Chosen as one of the top 35 Bootcamps of the world and the top coding bootcamp in Miami according to SwitchUp and Course Report.
  • Recognized as the top 10 coding Bootcamps in the United States, according to Newsweek.
  • And many other awards.