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Learn to code using with Javascript. Build your first projects with an Excuse Generator, Domain name finder, and more than 300 interactive exercises.

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Meet Rigobot, our internal AI designed for solo learners is the first platform designed to maximize learning at your own pace. Join live sessions whenever you can, get help immediately with AI, and ask for one-on-one mentorships. All our content is fully interactive and video-enabled.

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When learning to code at your own pace, having access to video tutorials, code examples, and continuous, real-time feedback is crucial to succeed. The tasks you'll tackle will closely resemble those encountered in a real-world tech position. Here's a glimpse of what you'll be working on:

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Learning at your own pace can be challenging, but we've developed the tools to keep you motivated, prevent you from getting stuck on problems, and accelerate your learning process.

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LearnPack is our custom-designed software for self-learners. It integrates our proprietary AI tutor, ready to address any coding-related issues and equipped with automated tests for immediate feedback, allowing for an interactive learning experience anytime!

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