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Prompt Engineer

If you haven't heard that the new title for the past few years is 'Prompt Engineer', you haven't used enough artificial intelligence for Google to suggest it to you.

How to install NVM on a Mac OS (node.js and npm)

Non-official guide to install NVM on Mac OS (tested) using brew

What is pyenv and How to Install It?

Discover what pyenv is and how to install this powerful tool to manage Python versions on your system. Facilitate project development.

How to reverse string in Python?

Learn how to reverse a string in Python using different approaches and code examples.

How to flatten an array in JavaScript?

Discover various techniques to flatten arrays in JavaScript. Learn efficient methods to transform nested arrays into a single, flattened array.

How to Create UML Class Diagrams?

Learn how to create UML class diagrams. Discover how to visually and effectively represent the structures of your programs. Master the technique now!

How to use React Global Context?

Learn how to harness React Global Context to streamline state management in your applications. Master the power of global state for efficient data sharing.

How to Reverse a List in Python?

Reversing a list is a very common operation in the day of a programmer. We can do it with the most common ways are the reverse() method and with a syntax trick.

How to Install NVM (Node Version Manager) on Every Operating System

Discover how to install NVM on Windows, macOS, and Linux with our comprehensive guide. Manage multiple Node.js environments easily and switch between versions seamlessly.

How to Get Python List Length?

A simple way to get the length of any Python list is using the `len()` function.

How to Split a String in Python?

Learn different methods to split a string into substrings in Python. Explore practical examples and best practices for effective string manipulation.

How to get the last element of an Array in JavaScript?

Learn different techniques to retrieve the last element of an array in JavaScript. You can access the last element by using the length property of arrays.

How to install Python?

Learn how to install Python on your computer easily. Discover the necessary steps to start programming with this popular programming language.

How to match letters with Regular Expressions?

Learn how to construct regular expressions to match letters in text. Explore Regex to effectively search for letter-based patterns in your data.

How to Install NVM on Linux (Ubuntu and Centos)

Learn how to install NVM on Linux with our easy-to-follow guide. Covering popular distributions like Ubuntu and Fedora, this article includes troubleshooting tips and links to installation guides for macOS and Windows. Perfect for developers looking to manage multiple Node.js versions.

Install Git On Windows Macos And Linux - Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to install Git on Windows, macOS, and Linux with this comprehensive guide. Step-by-step instructions to help you get started with Git.

How to install python pandas?

Learn how to install Pandas in Python easily on Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu. Follow our step-by-step guide to correctly set up Pandas for data analysis.

How to clone an Array in JavaScript?

Discover different methods to create a copy of an Array in JavaScript. Learn the nuances of Array cloning for effective data manipulation.

How to consume an API in Python?

Learn how to consume an API in Python. Discover the essential steps to access and use external data in your applications. Boost your projects now!

RegEx Examples: Mastering Regular Expressions with Practical Cases

On RegEx examples we'll be covering different regular expressions examples for the most used data. You'll find patterns with working snippets for Javascript and Python for emails and passwords validation, Integers, Float numbers and Decimals extraction

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