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How to update Python on windows?

Written by:

Javier Leyva Seiglie

How to update Python on Windows

Ever wonder how to update Python on Windows, follow this simple step-by-step guide and you´ll have the latest version in no time.

  • Head to python.org

How to update Python on Windows

  • Click on Downloads and select Windows

How to update Python on Windows

  • The website will display all Python releases for Windows (Stable and Pre-release). If you are looking to experiment with some features not released on a stable version, select the Pre-Release or, and most recommended, clikc on Latest Python 3 Release hyperlink just below Python Releases for Windows

How to update Python on Windows

  • A new page will open and display all the information regarding the latest realease (at the time of writing this article, latest version is 3.11.1) and scroll down until you find the following table

How to update Python on Windows

  • Select the Windows Isntaller (64-bit) option to start download and once finished, execute the installer.

  • The installer will detect, if you have already a Python version installed and prompt if you wish t update the current version to the one provided by the installer. Select update and gives permissions to the installer when asked to.

How to update Python on Windows

Hope you enjoyed the reading and keep on the Geeks side!