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How To Become A Prompt Engineer

Learn how to become a Prompt Engineer and create effective prompts to leverage AI to your advantage. Let's get started! 🎉

Start a basic project in React.js

Easy to use React.js boilerplate with no configuration

Start a project with Vanilla.js

Use Webpack to compile and build a project with the latest Javascript and HTML/CSS

Start your API with Express.js and Typescript.js

Use Express, Javascript, Typescript to build REST API's

Queries with Express and TypeORM

Use TypeORM to query your database, from your Express API

CRUD data on Express

Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) information on your database with Express

Deploy to Heroku using MySQL

Publish your website to Heroku with a MySQL database

What Is A Prompt

Learn what a prompt is and how it is used in generative artificial intelligence.

Start a React + Flask (Full-Stack) Project

Use Javascript, React.js, Python and Flask to build an entire full-stack application

Starting a project for API Development (with Flask)

How to start and build a successful Flask API

PostgreSQL Starter & Database Configuration

Setup your Postgres or MySQL database engine

Express JWT Authentication

Implement Authentication on your Express API with JSON Web Token

Tips and tools to build a Data Science and Machine Learning project

When building a Data Science and Machine Learning project there are things to be considered, specially if you are looking for a job. Here you find tips to make a project make a cv stand out from the crowd, and a list of sites where you can find useful datasets to kickstart your project.

Start a web application with React & Flux

Use the Fullstack technologies to build professional apps using React.js

Start a new HTML/CSS Project

Build and publish the most basic HTML/CSS website you can build

Start a project on python with Fast Api

Starting with the fastapi-hello boilerplate

Actions examples on Express

Take a look on how to build working endpoints that manage your database information

Deploy to Heroku with Postgresql

Publish your website to Heroku

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