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How to use the Javascript array some method?

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As one of the daily basic parts of programming languages array some method in Javascript is typically used for data testing. Take a look at the following example showing one way to use the Array some() method of Javascript:

1const customArray = [2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14,]; 2const isEven = (element) => element % 8 === 0; 3console.log(array.some(isEven));

This code shown uses the Array Some Method on the customArray array to perform an even numbers checking condition and the console.log() to print the result. In this example, if at least one element in the array is an even number the function will print true in the console, otherwise, it will print false.

The Array Some Method in Javascript

Nowadays known as one of the most familiar Arrays methods to test in Javascript we have the Array Some method. What some() method performs is testing whether at least one element of the array matches the test executed by our custom function. The Array Some Method will always return true if, it finds an element that matches the logic of the provided function; otherwise, it will should always return false.


Here are some short demonstrations using the Array Some Method:

Some Array Javascript - Checking Existing Value Example

1const myColorArray = ["red", "white", "green", "orange", "purple"]; 2 3function checkColor(arr, val) { 4 return arr.some((arrVal) => val === arrVal); 5} 6 7checkColor(myColorArray, "black"); // false 8checkColor(myColorArray, "green"); // true

In this given code snippet, We are checking if any of the elements in the array are equal to the value. Array some() is performing a callback function that will return true if there is a color in the myColorArray array that matches the value of the argument, and false if there is not such element in the array.

Some Array Javascript - Checking Value of Arrays Example

1function isBiggerThan30(element, index, array) { 2 return element > 30; 3} 4 5[10, 15, 18, 11, 14].some(isBiggerThan30); // false 6[12, 50, 18, 22, 33].some(isBiggerThan30); // true

In the previous example we are checking if the value of the element argument is greater than 30 (element > 30) using the some() method on two similar arrays of numbers. If our condition is matched, the function will return a value of true, if not it will return false

Array Some Method or Array some() shown in the examples before, is just a way used in Javascript for programmers like you and me to perform condition checking. We can use it or call the array some method every single time that we require to perform a check on any element in an array.

Syntax of Array Some Method

Syntaxis for using the Array Some method is as follows:

1Array.some(callbackFn) 2Array.some(callbackFn, thisArg)


The following parameters are the ones you should consider while using the Array Some method in your Javascript applications:

  • callbackFn: Function to execute for each element in the array.
  • Element: Current element being processed.
  • Index: Index, or identification of the current element.
  • thisArg: Value to use as this when executing the callbackFn.

By understanding the parameters and syntax of the Array Some method, it will be pretty easy for you to implement data testing in your applications, and it will help you to write better and clearer code.

Javascript provides a powerful and useful method called Array Some that can be pretty useful to check if the elements of an array match some specific conditions. Array Some have pretty similar behavior to the Array Filter method, but, all we need to have into consideration while using the Array Some() is that the Array Some Method will always return true if at least one element in the array passes our condition or test. The Array Some Method is indeed an essential tool that lets/helps developers to write cleaner code and save a lot of debugging time. Remember that JavaScript comes with various useful functions which make it easier to work with, you can learn more about Javascript Arrays at 4Geeks.