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What Is LearnPack

What is LearnPack?
  • What makes LearnPack so unique?

Throughout this course, you will see here and there the word "LearnPack". You will use LearnPack A LOT to practice coding tutorials and small exercises. This article is an attempt to explain what it is and how to use it, so you can run all the tutorials smoothly.

What is LearnPack?

LearnPack is a package manager for interactive tutorials and exercises. It's like, but only for coding.

What makes LearnPack so unique?

Instead of watching a video or reading an article, LearnPack will present small challenges incrementally; each one will be auto-graded for instant feedback and a video tutorial solution (sometimes).

This is the best way to learn coding-related skills.

How to use LearnPack

Most LearnPack tutorials will come with a button labeled: "Start new exercise" or "Continue exercise".

LearnPack Alert on

After clicking on "Start new exercise", a new coding environment will open, and LearnPack will start running immediately.

All LearnPack tutorials come in steps; you will find the instructions on the right side and a button to continue to the next -> exercise.

LearnPack explanation

Restarting LearnPack

If you cannot find the instructions on the right, you can start the exercises again by typing: learnpack start on the terminal.

1$ learnpack start

Note: If that does not work, try ctrl + shift + p to open the VSCode command palette and type/look for "Open Instructions" to reopen the right sidebar.