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Every week, we pick a real-life project to build your portfolio and get ready for a job. All projects are built with ChatGPT as co-pilot!

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Podcast: Code Sets You Free

A tech-culture podcast where you learn to fight the enemies that blocks your way to become a successful professional in tech.

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Quickstart For Learners

Start Learning with LearnPack
How to use LearnPack locally
  • Use LearnPack locally with VSCode

Start Learning with LearnPack

The easiest way to start learning with LearnPack is to initiate any tutorial through Codespaces or Gitpod. Here you have a guide with different tutorials you can do now.

How to open any LearnPack tutorial in Codespace or Gitpod

  1. Select the tutorial you are interested in, in this case, I will just click on Looping with Javascript Select tutorial

  2. Press Code and then Create codespace on master Create Codespace

  3. When the Codespace finishes loading, it's ready! Now you just have to start reading the instructions and doing the exercises. image

Note: The process with Gitpod is similar. Just have the Gitpod extension installed and you will see a button that says open. Open with Gitpod

How to use LearnPack locally

To use LearnPack locally you will need to have Node > 18 installed.

You can install the latest version from here

  1. Install LearnPack with npm:
1npm i -g @learnpack/learnpack
  1. Clone a LearnPack repository Clone url Open the terminal and run the git clone command. Example with the Javascript tutorial:
1git clone
  1. Enter the new directory A directory with the name of the tutorial will be created, enter it with the cd command:
1cd javascript-arrays-exercises-tutorial
  1. Execute LearnPack When you installed LearnPack globally, a new option was added to your computer's commands, now you can execute:
1learnpack start

In the directory of a LearnPack tutorial, and you're done.

Note: In case LearnPack detects that plugins not installed are needed for the tutorial you are doing, LearnPack will install them for you. Then just restart with learnpack start Needed plugins

Use LearnPack locally with VSCode

Also, if you have VSCode on your computer, install the Learnpack extension. Once you are inside a LearnPack tutorial in VSCode, if it is the first time you start, the LearnPack extension will execute learnpack start for you.