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For all the self-taught geeks out there, here is our content library with most of the learning materials we have produced throughout the years.

It makes sense to start learning by reading and watching videos about fundamentals and how things work.

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Weekly Coding Challenge

Every week, we pick a real-life project to build your portfolio and get ready for a job. All projects are built with ChatGPT as co-pilot!

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Podcast: Code Sets You Free

A tech-culture podcast where you learn to fight the enemies that blocks your way to become a successful professional in tech.

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Live Events, Workshops and Classes at

Where to find the events?
  • How To Reserve Your Spot

Commonly students have problems creating projects, getting stuck in part of the process. A space to ask questions and watch how it should be done, helps a student to implement good practices and to get unstuck.

Live Events are important because they help students overcome technical or career challenges in real-time. This allows participants to receive guidance and support from experienced professionals, which can help them to overcome obstacles that they might not be able to solve on their own.

Where to find the events?

You will be able to find the events in your dashboard:

How to access events

How To Reserve Your Spot

  1. In your dashboard, at the top right of the screen, there is a box showing the closest upcoming workshop. Below that, click on Other Upcoming Live Events to see more options.
  2. Check out the list of all upcoming workshops we offer, and see which ones interest you the most.
  3. When you find a workshop you like, click on it's name. A new window will pop up with all the details about that workshop.
  4. On the right side, you'll see a counter for the next closest workshop. Under it, click on Reserve Your Spot in the blue box, and you're good to go!

What events formats are available?

  1. What is a live workshop: A Live Workshop is an event where a mentor will go through technical or career challenges that students commonly have.
  2. What is a live event: A Live Event is an online event typically used to present different subjects non related with technical or career challenges, like GeekTalks.
  3. What is a live class: A Live Class is a recurrent online class from a cohort where only the users that belongs to the cohort will have access to it.

What types events can you expect

There are many Event Types, they are related to technologies, career support, GeekTalks, and more. Technology oriented Event Types will be divided by a technology, language, and its level expertise in the technology, i.e.: We have JavaScript Beginner in English and JavaScript Level 2 in English.

Some of the Event Types you can expect are:

  • GeekTalk.
  • Tech not taught by 4Geeks.
  • Data Science Beginner.
  • Python Beginner Workshop
  • Python Level 2 Workshop.
  • Javascript Beginner Workshop.
  • Javascript Level 2 Workshop.

Who can join the events

Events will be available in general our community members, some events will be free and others will require a membership.

Free events will also be streamed at youtube channel.