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  • learnpack

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Learnpack Introduction

Reducing the friction when creating a tutorial:

🔥 Creating interactive tutorials has never been so easy.

LearnPack is an interactive tutorial builder that allows content creators to build interactive and auto-graded tutorials with near-zero steps or friction.

Reducing the friction when creating a tutorial:

You can easily create exercises with interactive instructions and automated tests by using LearnPack. Learnpack scans your current folder looking for markdown files that will become tutorial instructions and unit-test files that will grade the student.


  • Markdown support: Add a bunch of files and LearnPack will recognize them as tutorial or exercise steps. Discover our improved markdown features for personalized experiences.
  • Language Compilation: Install any language plugin and make learnpack compile your student solutions in html/css, vanillajs, javascript, python, react.js, and other languages.
  • Automated tests: Optionally add test.js files and LearnPack will recognize them as automated test for your exercises using jest. Python, PHP and other languages are also supported.
  • Very flexible configuration: We want to allow the creators to configure what they want, creating more a personalized experience. Using the learn.json file, you can change the properties to personalize different features.
  • Zero steps for creators or students: Learnpack scans your tutorial folder and starts running the tutorial immediatly, no additional steps for anyone.
  • Inside your own environment: Run the tutorial directly in your own environment, take advantage of your user computer settings.
  • Interactive instructions: You can easily create great interactive instructions with LearnPack as we use markdown for the instructions file.