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Keeping Quality in LearnPack Tutorials

Audit your Tutorial

Audit your Tutorial

With LearnPack you can audit your repository checking for possible errors on it.

You have to run the command learnpack audit to audit your tutorial. This command will check for the following information:

  1. The configuration object has slug, repository and description. (Error)
  2. The repository shouldn't have user or session information. (Error)
  3. Empty or missing README, markdown, or tests files. (Error)
  4. Scanning the text for 404 or missing links. (Error)
  5. Valid image url (Relative or absolute). (Error)
  6. The exercise directory names are valid. (Error)
  7. The exercises array (Of the config file) doesn’t have content. (Error)
  8. Inconsistent translations. (Warning)
  9. The .gitignore file doesn’t exist. (Warning)
  10. If there is a file within the exercises folder but not inside of any particular exercise folder. (Warning)