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Weekly Coding Challenge

Every week, we pick a real-life project to build your portfolio and get ready for a job. All projects are built with ChatGPT as co-pilot!

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Podcast: Code Sets You Free

A tech-culture podcast where you learn to fight the enemies that blocks your way to become a successful professional in tech.

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Introduction For Learners

A Glimpse at LearnPack

A Glimpse at LearnPack

LearnPack is ready for you to learn immediately and interactively any technology you can see in the image. Starting with LearnPack is as easy as opening a LearnPack repository in Codespaces or Gitpod, and once everything loads, LearnPack will be running with the tutorial you have chosen.

With LearnPack, you have the ability to learn at your own pace; you can start a course and finish it whenever you wish. Rigobot, our artificial intelligence, is integrated into LearnPack. It can review your code and guide you so that you can find the answer on your own.

Is LearnPack free?

Yes, LearnPack is free. You can start doing interactive tutorials without spending a single penny. You will only pay if you wish to have personalized mentorships or use our services with artificial intelligence. LearnPack was created to run on your computer, and the fact that it doesn't use servers makes it simpler to use. Plus, you don't need an internet connection if you do it on your computer!

Where can I find tutorials?

The easiest way to get started with LearnPack is through the Learning Library of 4Geeks, where you can filter by difficulty or the technology you want to learn.

Here is the Javascript tutorial for beginners for you to try LearnPack now.