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Crafting Resumes With Rigobot


Hey Geeks! Today, you will learn how to create your resumes using Rigobot. Rigobot is an AI-powered tool designed to assist you in crafting compelling resumes that effectively showcase your skills and accomplishments. Follow the steps outlined below to navigate through the resume-building process independently.


Watch this video.

  1. Download Rigobot Chrome Extension:

    • Start by downloading the Rigobot Chrome extension from the provided link.
    • Install and activate the extension in your browser.
  2. Login with 4Geeks Credentials:

    • Log in using your 4Geeks Academy credentials to access personalized features.
  3. Select Resume Builder:

    • Once logged in, select the "Resume Builder" option.
  4. Choose Purpose:

    • You will be asked, "What type of help do you need?"
    • Choose "Use a Template" to begin.
  5. Resume Experience Section:

    • You'll have two options: "Generate a Resume Experience" and "Generate Project Description".
    • Focus on "Generate a Resume Experience" first.
    • Fill out the following blanks:
      • Main Duties: List your responsibilities and tasks in your previous roles.
      • Achievements: Describe specific goals you achieved during your job, including quantifiable results.
      • Job Position: Mention the name of the role you held in your previous jobs.
      • Technologies: Name the technologies and tools you used in your previous roles.
    • Provide detailed and quantifiable information.
  6. Generate with GPT-4:

    • After filling out the details, click on "Generate" and then "Generate with GPT-4" for enhanced results.
  7. Projects Description Section:

    • Now, focus on the "Generate Project Description" option.
    • Fill out the following blanks:
      • Role: Specify your role within the project.
      • Features: List the functionalities or features of the project.
      • Project Name: Provide the name of the project you worked on.
      • Technologies: Name the top 5-10 technologies used in the project.
      • Accomplishments: Describe specific metrics or achievements related to the project.
      • Small Description: Provide a brief overview of the project.
    • Showcase relevant skills and achievements.
  8. Generate with GPT-4:

    • Click on "Generate" and then "Generate with GPT-4" for refined outputs.
  9. Start a Conversation:

    • Finally, select "Start a Conversation".
    • Upload a PNG of your resume.
    • Use the prompt to ask Rigobot to craft an executive summary.

    "Imagine you are a seasoned resume writer with over 5 years of experience, specializing in software development and data science roles. Your student has provided you with their background and skills, seeking your guidance to craft a compelling executive summary for their resume. As you delve into their profile, consider their proficiency in programming languages, tools, and methodologies relevant to the desired roles. Craft a concise, targeted summary that highlights their unique strengths, accomplishments, and potential contributions to prospective employers in the software development and data science domains. Avoid generic language and aim for clarity and impact in no more than 6 sentences."

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the resume-building process using Rigobot. Your resume is a vital tool in your job search journey, so ensure it accurately represents your skills and experiences. Feel free to explore Rigobot further for additional assistance in crafting personalized resumes. Happy resume-building!