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Course Structure

Basic structure

Our courses are followed by a well-organized framework that combines interactive lessons, hands-on projects, and personalized support. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or already have some knowledge in the field. We assure you that we will make it as simple and entertaining as possible! In this article, we will briefly explain how our system works.

Whether you choose one of our bootcamps or short courses, we have worked based on our special formula in order to guarantee an exponential learning curve πŸ“ˆ. You will see that it will be entertaining, and you will learn things all the time without even realizing it!

So, let's show you what you will find along this journey 😎

Basic structure

The first thing that you need to know is that our courses are divided into modules, making it super easy for you to navigate through the material. Once you're all set and click the "start course" button, you'll be away to the next screen:

Course Structure

Up at the top of your screen will be shown the percentage of progress you've made in the program, how many tasks you've already completed, and how many more you have ahead. It's like your personal progress tracker!

Our Modules

As you scroll down, you will unlock new modules! At 4Geeks, we're all about breaking free from monotony because who wants more of the same, right? That's why we've created diverse and exciting modules, packed with a wide range of challenges. Each module comes with its own unique flair and duration. Every single one of them will equip you with awesome new skills to become a rockstar programmer.

Here is an example of a module from one of our bootcamps:


πŸ€” What do our modules contain?

When you start each module, the first thing you will find is the πŸ“– Reading Lessons. These will provide detailed explanations about specific topics before you start putting them into practice. You can see them as the columns of a building, forming a solid foundation for your learning journey.

These lessons are carefully curated to provide you with additional insights, real-life examples, and different perspectives on the subject. Reading them carefully is crucial because they give you the knowledge you need to succeed. So, take your time, and get ready to absorb the information!


So, once you have understood a subject (theoretically), you are ready to put your knowledge into practice through the πŸ’» Interactive Exercises. They are like short challenges that will increase in difficulty so that in the end you can master the whole subject. These have an automatic evaluation mode along the way that tells you if you are doing it right or if there is a mistake in your code. They also have video tutorials in case you get stuck at some point, so don't worry! Although, we recommend that you try to solve it first on your own, to develop critical thinking.

Exercises Course

Also, in some modules, there will be 🌱 Projects. Think of them as big challenges rather than short tasks. They come with complete instructions, from opening the project repository to step-by-step details on what needs to be done. It's like having a roadmap to complete them successfully!

This is the most crucial aspect of the learning process, as it showcases your programming skills in real-life projects. These projects allow you to apply your newly learned skills to practical situations. You'll collaborate with classmates, tackle coding challenges, and create remarkable portfolio projects. It's an exciting way to learn by doing and gaining experience that will help you in the future

Projects Course

Finally, during your course, you will find some βŒ› Quizzes lined up to test how much attention you've been paying so far. These quizzes are a series of multiple-choice questions, and they're super quick and enjoyable. No excuses, they won't take up much of your time! While they're not mandatory, we highly recommend giving them a shot. It's a great way to exercise your mind and see just how much you've learned along the way.

...And there you have it! All the tools that will help you in this process! We invite you to explore all of them and experience how far you will go as a programmer.