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  • 4geeks

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Code Reviews And Importance

Code Reviews and Their Importance for Future Developers

Code Reviews and Their Importance for Future Developers

Studying programming is a never-ending journey; you never stop learning new things. Especially when we start, we tend to make mistakes that we improve with experience. And that's okay because there is no perfect code; you can always improve it over time. This is where Code Reviews come in.

How to Follow Best Practices

Although there is no perfect code, as each developer may name variables differently, place nested conditionals or not, or simply use the same 5 lines of code 10 times instead of encapsulating it in a variable or function and reusing it, there are practices we can follow to make our code cleaner, more organized, and understandable for others and ourselves in the future.

A Code Review in 4Geeks' terminology consists of a couple of things that go together: a portion of code and a mentor's comment.

The portion of code includes a few lines from one of our submitted projects, and the comment indicates how that code can be improved, errors you could have avoided, best practices to use, and in general, the comment will help you understand better how to advance to the next level in a small aspect of your code.

This, multiplied by different submitted projects, results in an increase in the amount of feedback received. It is this feedback that makes Code Reviews so important. You can read more about feedback here.

How to View My Code Reviews

  1. The first thing you need to do to view your Code Reviews is log in to

  2. After logging in, on the dashboard, you will see the latest Code Reviews you have received at the bottom right. Select any of them.


  3. Upon selecting it, you will see the mentor's comment (red arrow) and the commented code (yellow arrow). Check both carefully.

    Code Review main

  4. Scroll down a bit, and you will have two buttons to give like or dislike to the Code Review.

    Like or dislike buttons

  5. If you press either of them, you can also leave a comment for the mentor who reviewed your code.

    Commenting code review

  6. Press the blue button, and you will have completely reviewed your Code Review. You can continue viewing others with the same steps.

    Successful code review