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Building React Tutorials with LearnPack

Unit Testing

If you want to create a Javascript/Node coding tutorial, you have to use the @learnpack/react plugin in order to compile and test your exercises. Go to Compiler Plugins to see how to install the plugin.

In addition, the main file should be named app.jsx, and the file for the tests, should be named tests.js.

Unit Testing

For testing, you should install Jest with the version "24.8.0". You can install it by running the following command: npm install jest@24.8.0 -g

When testing react exercises, the most common tests are related to the component's structure, you can test that or that the file app.jsx have a specific sentence inside.

If you are not so familiar with Jest, here are the most common tests that you will use when testing a React exercise tutorial:

Testing the component has the right structure and tags

1// tests.js 2 3import ReactDOM from "react-dom"; 4import { WhatToRender } from "./app.jsx"; 5import renderer from "react-test-renderer"; 6 7test("The component should return the exact HTML", () => { 8 const tree = renderer.create(ReactDOM.render.mock.calls[0][0]).toJSON(); 9 expect(tree).toMatchInlineSnapshot(` 10 <h1> 11 Hello 12 <strong> 13 World! 14 </strong> 15 </h1> 16 `) 17})

Testing the file has specific sentences with regular expressions

1// tests.js 2 3const fs = require('fs'); 4const path = require('path'); 5 6const app_content = fs.readFileSync(path.resolve(__dirname, './app.jsx'), 'utf8'); 7 8test("You should use "{singleAnimal.label}" to get the animal name", () => { 9 expect(app_content).toMatch(/{\s*singleAnimal.label\s*}/g); 10})


The following link is a React coding tutorial: