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Binomial Distribution With Python

Probability Mass Function: Binomial Distribution

f(k,n,p)=Pr(k;n,p)=Pr(X=k)=(nk)pk(1p)nk\displaystyle f(k,n,p)=\Pr(k;n,p)=\Pr(X=k)={\binom {n}{k}}p^{k}(1-p)^{n-k}

for k=0,1,2,...,nk = 0, 1, 2, ..., n.

In [ ]:
#determine distribution
#consider 10 free throw attempts with p = .5
In [ ]:
#plot probability
In [ ]:
#probability of 6 successes?
In [ ]:
#probability of at least 6 made?
In [ ]:
#with cumulative distribution function
In [ ]:
#Example 2: p = 0.8, n = 20
In [ ]:
In [ ]:

In [ ]:
#P(n > 14)