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APIs and libraries to integrate into your Fullstack projects

Why integrate external APIs and libraries?

Why integrate external APIs and libraries?

Integrating external libraries and APIs into a project for a full-stack developer portfolio offers a number of benefits that make it more complete, attractive and valuable, while demonstrating relevant skills and experience. Here are some of the most important benefits:

1. Increase the functionality and value of the project.

External libraries and APIs offer pre-built functionality that can save development time and effort, allowing you to focus on more innovative aspects that make your project stand out. They also allow access to external data and services, expanding the possibilities of the project and making it more attractive to potential customers or employers.

2. Demonstrates skills and experience

Successful integration of external libraries and APIs demonstrates knowledge in different technologies and frameworks, which is valued positively by employers, reflecting the ability to work with external tools and adapt to different development environments.

3. Optimize development time

By leveraging pre-built functionality, you reduce the time spent on repetitive or complex tasks, allowing you to move faster in the development of the project. This allows you to focus on the most creative and differentiating aspects of the project, which increases its value.

APIs that you can integrate into a project


  • Open IMDB
  • API Sports
  • Open Library
  • Open Weather

Placeholder APIs

Payment gateways

E-mail and messaging