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Weekly Coding Challenge

Every week, we pick a real-life project to build your portfolio and get ready for a job. All projects are built with ChatGPT as co-pilot!

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Podcast: Code Sets You Free

A tech-culture podcast where you learn to fight the enemies that blocks your way to become a successful professional in tech.

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  • 4geeks method

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4Geeks Method: The Project Assignments

Why is this lesson here?
How are projects going to be reviewed?

Why is this lesson here?

If you fully understand how our methodology works, what to expect about the projects you deliver, and why they are so important, you'll be more motivated to do the work and take advantage of it.

Why build projects?

We want you to deliver a couple of projects every week. Building projects is all that matters in this course because: Your employer will pay you to create projects.

  • Projects are the only way to showcase your experience.
  • These projects will become part of your portfolio.

Note: Exercises, quizzes, and lessons only exist because you need them to learn how to build projects.

How are projects going to be reviewed?

Since projects are the most critical part of the course, we have created several ways to give you feedback; here are a few:

Automatic grading

It's not always possible, and it's tough to implement, but we make a significant effort to create unit tests for every project; this means that you can run a command in the terminal (or press a button) to get instant feedback about your code.

Note: Automatic grading is a double-edged sword because the grading feedback in the command line is hard to read. It's essential to learn how to read these tests.

Mentor feedback

Each assignment you deliver will be manually reviewed by a mentor. The mentor will scan your code and give you feedback via GitHub or as a message inside

This feedback will focus mainly on the coding guidelines; you can read them here, but here is a brief summary of the criteria:

  • Coding style & cleanliness.
  • Variable names.
  • Best practices.
  • Refactoring suggestions.

Live class code review

Every now and then, we dedicate parts of the live classes to review previous code in several formats. Group review: during class, you will be put into teams with one mentor to review project solutions from you or your classmates.

What if you are stuck on a project?

There are many ways to get unstuck:

  • Watch the video solution of the project.
  • Ask one of your classmates.
  • Join a global mentorship session. They happen twice a week.
  • Ask questions during your live classes.
  • Request 1-1 mentorship.

It's time to get the most out of this course

The more active you are during the course, the more you will take advantage of it:

  • Make sure to deliver most or all of the projects.
  • Demand mentors to review them if they have not already.
  • Constant communication with your mentors is key.