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learn interactive

learn interactive

Create or take interactive coding tutorials

    • Real-life coding environments.
    • Get help from an AI.
    • Instant grading.
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LearnPack is a tool designed by 4Geeks to facilitate the creation and management of interactive, auto-graded and AI-enabled tutorials and exercises specifically for technical skills. It acts as a package manager for educational content, similar to platforms like npm, brew, etc. but exclusively for technical educational packages. Here's a brief overview of its features and functions:

  • Interactive Challenges: LearnPack offers a hands-on learning experience by providing small, auto-graded challenges that offer instant feedback, sometimes accompanied by video tutorials.
  • AI Mentoring: It's integrated with Rigobot (an AI trained by 4Geeks) which enables LearnPack to scan and be aware of the student code inside the coding environment and help them as they make progress on the tutorials and exercises.
  • IDE Integration: It integrates seamlessly with popular development environments like Visual Studio Code, allowing users to run and grade exercises directly within their coding environment.
  • Multi-language Support: Supports multilang learning and provides markdown support for creating detailed instructions on each any language, and automated tests.
  • Ease of Use: The tool scans the user's directory for markdown and test files to automatically construct tutorials, minimizing setup and configuration efforts.
  • Inclusive: LearnPack is an inclusive platform that promotes accessibility in tech education, adhering to color standards recognized by people with various types of color vision deficiencies and incorporates keyboard shortcuts, enhancing usability for users who rely on keyboard navigation.

For a more detailed exploration of how LearnPack works and its features, you can refer to its documentation and community resources on platforms like 4Geeks, Github and the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Why use LearnPack?

One-click tutorials

Use the 4Geeks positioning bridge, and students won't need any setup or configuration. Straight to learning.

AI Mentoring

Get help from Rigobot, our internal AI that scans your code and gives you advice as you make progress on the tutorials.

Instant Grading

Click the "test" button and get thorough feedback on your proposed solution.


It supports any programming language and also supports internationalization to incorporate instructions in English, Spanish and any other language.

Integrated inside your coding environment

Run your exercises and tutorials inside the most popular coding editor in the word without any extra configuration.