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Full-Stack Software Developer - 16w

Data Science and Machine Learning - 16 wks

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Start a career inPython from scratchby learning at your own pace

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Learn to code with Python from scratch!

Get started in coding with the world's most popular language. Build your first projects and practice with more than 300 exercises.

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Meet Rigobot, our internal AI designed for solo learners is the first platform designed to maximize learning at your own pace. Join live sessions whenever you can, get help immediately with AI, and ask for one-on-one mentorships. All our content is fully interactive and video-enabled.

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We have battle-tested this syllabus with hundreds of job positions to give you the necessary skills to find a job in tech.

Learn by building real-life projects

When learning to code at your own pace, the projects you build must have video solutions, code examples of the solution, and feedback in real-time. The projects must be similar to those you will build on your first job. On this solo bootcamp, you will build real-projects like these:

  • The Command Line

  • /


  • /


Command Line Challenge
  • Python

  • /


  • /

    The Command Line

Todo List CLI with Python

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LearnPack is a software crafted for self-learners. It features Rigobot integration, serving as a tutor, primed to address any code-related inquiries and equipped with automated tests to provide immediate feedback, enabling continuous learning at any time!

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