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Podcast: Code sets you free

Multilingual tech-culture podcast where you learn to fight to become a successful professional in tech. Break the entry barriers, learn the skills, keep motivated, find jobs, network, successfully use AI, and stay up-to-date.

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Meet the hosts

Alejandro Sanchez

4Geeks Academy co-founder

Alejandro, a tech prodigy since age 13, has redefined the landscape of coding education. From coding interactive websites as a teenager to co-founding his first startup at 16, his journey has been marked by innovation. Notable successes include Hack, a coding school acquired in 2016, and 4Geeks Developer Community, a dev shop acquired in 2015. Today, Alejandro's mission with 4Geeks Academy is to democratize coding education worldwide, with thousands of students graduating every year and +$20,000,000 in scholarships thanks to partnerships with several governments and the most prominent non-profit organizations worldwide. He continues to inspire through relentless dedication to innovation and education.

Tomas Gonzalez

4Geeks Academy co-founder

A passionate coder, Tomas embarked on his programming journey four years ago after graduating as a Full Stack developer from the renowned 4Geeks Academy bootcamp. Overcoming numerous challenges, he honed his skills and became a proficient developer. Today, as Co-founder of, Tomas leverages his expertise to lead a team of six programmers and continues to make strides in the tech world. With a background in teaching at 4Geeks Academy Miami and creating various programming courses in different languages, Tomas is dedicated to empowering others through education and innovation.