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How to network yourself into a software development job

Networking is a very important aspect of anyone’s career. When looking for a job, networking is key to having access to positions that are not posted online as well as getting recommendations from people who are in the tech field. Nowadays online and in-person networking is the best strategy to securing a position in the field. Networking is also about meeting engineers that can help you learn new skills, collaborate on new projects and give you advice.

📝 Instructions

This lesson was designed to be followed as a task list, you can mark the checkboxes as you complete them. Take into consideration that these tasks will always be ongoing, you have to keep networking until you find a job:

  • Recruiters, hiring managers and executives.

  • Former colleagues.

  • Friends.

  • Alumni from college, bootcamps.

  • Acquaintances.

  • User groups.

You can use LinkedIn, email or reconnect personally with anyone who might help you move your career along.