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Javascript Objects

Let’s review Objects in a bit more detail.

️Do not explain classes yet, just javascript simple object literals.

Objects are like a group of functions that together have a greater purpose. E.g: In real life, a car has a bunch of functionalities that together make them a car: - A car can accelerate, break, turn on the engine, turn off the engine, etc. - A car also has shared properties (not only functions), a car is red with a serial number with 4 tires and many other properties.

This will be a Javascript Representation of a car object:

let car = { color: 'red', serialNumber: 'AKF345', numberOfTires: 4, currentSpeed: 0, accelerate: function(delta){ this.currentSpeed = this.currentSpeed + delta; }, break: function(delta){ this.currentSpeed = this.currentSpeed - delta; } }

To access or set an object’s properties, you can do so in the following ways:

// to set a proparty value objectName.propertyName = valueToSet; objectName['propertyName'] = valueToSet; //alternate way //or to retrieve a propery value let anyVariable = objectName.propertyName; let anyVariable = objectName['propertyName']; //alternate way

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