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Building your Github profile and reputation

Introduction to Github (skip it if you know it already)

Github Screenshot

Github is a social network for developers, but probably not the type of social network you use every day: - You can't post a picture of what you are about to eat. - You post text documents on any format (txt, html, css, xls, png, jpeg, etc.). - You can't post status messages like on Twitter, Instagram, etc. - You have to use a special program and protocol called GIT. - It cannot be faked and it tracks your activity as a developer.

Why Github matters for recruiters

Github is now the developers #1 portfolio, the best way to get noticed and build a professional brand. You need to make a huge effort on making it:

  1. Easy to browse by a potential employer.
  2. Easy to understand and fast to read.
  3. Amazing look (you never have a 2nd time to give the first impression).

Making Your Github Profile Shine

Make sure to give your own personal style, but in general you can focus on trying to comply with the following guidelines:

  • Write a short bio with your main focus as a developer and special skills.
  • On your profile page, include links to your personal website, Linkedin profile, email and social media handle, if relevant.
  • Add a picture or avatar.
  • Start committing and pushing from day one: Github tracks and publicly reports your activity as a developer in something called The Github Activity Graph it's impossible to fake. That is why we encourage you to start committing and collaborating since day one.
  • For each repository your want to pin and promote you upload must include:
    1. A detailed README.md
    2. Live demo (Github pages), screenshots, and gifs.
    3. Very organized, clean code and comments.
  • Your most important project, the one you are proud the most, must be pinned on the first slot.
  • Contribute to at least 5 external projects. Find open-source projects you like and make contributions. In the following links you'll find projects and indications on how to contribute:
  • You need to be a github developer program member. You can join for free and you will get a badge on your profile.
  • Avoid using "new developer", "junior developer", "recent graduate", or the like in your summary statement or bio.

An Example Profile: Dan Abramov

Dan Abramov Github Profile